Week At A Glance 2017-2018



Mrs. Werner’s Week at a Glance

May 14-17 2018


Theme: Luau        Prize: Glow in the dark lizard


May 14

2nd Grade CAP

Bluejay All Star  Week of May 7-11:  Curtis Kruse

Thank you to the parents who helped with our field trip on May 4th and the parents who helped with theme day on May 10th.  As always, it is appreciated!


BOE Meeting @ 6PM


May 15



See website for updates:   www.wernera.educatorpages.com



May 16

2nd Grade CAP

 AR Movie- all students earned their 4th quarter points!


May 17



Students may bring beach towels for our luau day activities. 

Last day of school- grade cards will be sent home with students


May 18

Wow!  Thank you all for sharing your child with me this year.  It was my pleasure to teach your child and get to know him/her. A huge thanks to everyone who helped out with class activities and holiday parties, sent materials for projects, etc.  Your support helped make this a successful school year.  And thank you so much for your support during the week of May 7-11.  It meant the world to me to know so many of you were sending good thoughts our way and praying for Clark’s recovery.  We were also humbled with your amazing gift bag filled with goodies!  I am so blessed for knowing you!! Have a great summer and keep in touch!




Looking Ahead:       


August 16, 2018:  1st day of new school year



May birthdays- Mallorie Schultjans (May 5th) and Ava Grimm (May 8th)

Summer birthdays- Kiarah Dalinghas (June 10th) and Tate Sears (July 28th)