Classroom Schedule

Mrs. Werner’s 2nd Grade Schedule


7:50-8:05                      Morning Routine:  Lunch count, Attendance, iPads, Morning Announcements and Pledge of Allegiance

8:05-9:00                      Whole Group Reading (Friday- Weekly Test)

9:00-9:15                      Recess

9:20-9:50                      Small Group Reading (leveled readers, vocabulary, & spelling)

9:55-10:45                    Monday- CAP

                                    Tuesday- PE/Library

                                    Wednesday- CAP

                                    Thursday- Music/PE

                                    Friday- Computer/Music

10:45-11:20                   Math Intervention M-Th/Social/Emotional F

11:20-11:45                   Lunch

11:45-12:45                   Whole Group Math (Parent Theme Day once a month on Friday)

12:45-1:00                    Recess

1:00-1:45                      Reading Intervention

1:50-2:25                     M-Th SS or Science

                                    Friday: Art

2:30-2:45                      Read to students

2:45-3:15                      Monday, Tuesday, Thursday:  Writing

                                    Wednesday:  Spelling Practice  

                                    Friday:  School to Home Journal

3:15 -3:20                     Prepare for dismissal

3:20                              Dismissal


*Schedule subject to change

*Schedule does not include transition time